What Will Content Savvy Do For Your Business?

You’re pouring your heart, energy and bank account into your digital marketing but is it paying off?

Content Savvy gives you six modules filled with every step you need to make people fall in love with and buy from you. Whether you've been blogging for years or hours (or maybe not at all), these steps will kick your blog into high gear so it works to build your business instead of steal your precious time.

  • Module 1: Find Your Voice

    If you cringe at the idea of writing, chances are, you're not using the right voice - your own. Worse yet, your audience can tell and they're cringing right alongside you. I'll show you how to drop that voice and write in a way that's true to your brand.

  • Module 2: Do Smarter Keyword Research

    It's not enough to pick a handful of keywords and keep creating content in the hopes that you'll eventually show up on page one. I'll show you how to find the keywords that'll let you rank faster and higher using the best tools online.

  • Module 3: Make it Easier to Write

    When you sit down at the computer, are you frustrated? Unsure of what to write about? Worried you'll waste your time? Let's change that.

  • Module 4: Get Free Publicity for Your Business

    Here's a little secret: The best way to build your brand online isn't on your website. Learn where you should be showing up and how to get there.

  • Module 5: Perfect Your Blog Posts

    You know you need content, but do you know how to write content that'll resonate with both search engines and the person sitting behind the screen? This course will show you how to flesh out share-worthy, high ranking blog posts people actually look forward to reading.

  • Module 6: Promote Yourself

    It's not enough to hit publish on a blog post. To be effective at content marketing, you need to know how to promote your work. Get a checklist to follow to gather attention for each piece of content you create.

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*Refunds offered if you don't feel you got your money's worth (because I'm that confident you will earn more attention after taking this course).

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  • Kimberly Crossland
    What would you do if you only had $100 to start a business that would support your family? That was my situation exactly 5 years ago when I started The Savvy Copywriter. My solution? Spend that $100 on a website and start crafting content. Turns out, that was the only marketing solution I needed to get my company (and my client's companies) off the ground. I'm Kimberly Crossland, enthusiastic owner and operator of The Savvy Copywriter, and teacher of Content Savvy. I can't wait to share how I did it then and how I'm continuing to use content marketing to propel my business into its best year yet. Join me in Content Savvy while I geek out on my favorite subject - digital marketing.
    Kimberly Crossland

The Art and Science of Content Marketing: All in One Go-At-Your-Own-Pace Online Course

Content marketing is both an art and a science. When you sign up for Content Savvy, you get access to both the artistic side of writing and the scientific side of ranking online. Dig in at your own pace.

Here's whats waiting for you as soon as you sign up:

Full Access to 6-Modules of Content Marketing Strategy Goodness

Access anytime-anywhere video tutorials talking you through each step of this timeless strategy

Checklists you can print and hang up on your wall so you never miss a beat

An organized approach to making money using this proven strategy

Bonus: A headline swipe file (for those days when your creative juices just aren't flowing and the coffee isn't brewing fast enough)

Still Not Sure If This is Right for You?

Grab a cup of cold brew coffee and pull up a chair. This is your chance to pick my brain about how to create a website that gets found and moves people to buy. We'll have fun together, but plan on working. This isn't a course about how to get rich quick. Instead, I'll show you what goes into building a presence online where you'll be proud to be you (and proud of the bucks you're bringing in as a result of your efforts).

Because let's face it...


You could spend over $1,000 per month to have a marketing agency do this for you. The upside? You don't have to expend the effort. The downside? You're throwing dollars at a strategy you're not familiar with, making it hard to know why something's done, whether their strategy is effective, and whether you're making your money back.


Say so long to guesswork. Stop throwing (marketing) spaghetti noodles at the wall hoping one of them sticks. This is your chance to empower yourself to grow your business online without breaking the bank. Get personal insight, content marketing knowledge and industry secrets from me, a woman who's built her business using the exact tactics she teaches.

  • Colleen Laszakovits, Your Family's Journey
    This is an amazing course! I have loved going through it, at my own pace, and all the extra's that accompany the transcripts. My eyes have seen the light and my head doesn't hurt from trying to figure it all out by myself.
    Colleen Laszakovits, Your Family's Journey

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