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On Fitting In

A few weeks ago, I wrote about Black Rifle Coffee, a company that has deployed a fascinating (and ultra successful) niche marketing strategy. This company takes a strong stance on veterans and appeals to them by using weaponry to sell their coffee. See what I mean? It’s a rather unique approach to giving people a […]

What’s Up With the SEO Meta Description?

There’s a lot of confusion about the SEO meta description – a lot. Before I dive in, let’s clear one thing up right now. The meta description matters. If you’re not familiar with it, the meta description is the short sentence or two that you see underneath the title of your page in search results. […]

Who We Are

We're the weird ones that dig the freedom of a blank screen and the opportunities posed by a flashing cursor.

But you don't and we get it!

You don’t want to fill your to-do list with SEO tasks, website design, blogging, emails, or social media. You started your business so you could live to work. So you could put your God-given talents to good use. So you could give back to the community you love. So you could stand up a little taller and lift your head high when you answered the question, “what do you do?” You’re in your business to get your hands a little dirty, to have the freedom to spend a little more time with your family and ultimately, to live life doing what you love… because always live life for love.

When you're stuck in front of your computer struggling to figure out how to get your business found online, you're not free. You're fumbling.

From one business to another, let’s join forces. Together, you’ll finally be able to check digital marketing off your to do list, so you can watch your business flourish while you reap the benefits of more cash flow, fun, and freedom.