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Copywriting Audit: Le Tote

My favorite piece of business advice: Don’t look sideways. Looking sideways in business means watching your competition. Instead of focusing on the road ahead, you’re focused on what’s happening around you – so much so that you can’t innovate, differentiate, or, well, do anything exciting. And yet, here I come onto your screen ignoring that […]

A Simple Script to Help You Perfect Your Elevator Speech

I sit on the Board of Directors for a local organization. The other day, an email flashed into my inbox from the Executive Director letting us know that an upcoming speaker had fallen through. With less than a week until the event where that speaker was to appear, we were thrown into an instant brainstorming […]

Content Marketing Strategy Bullet Journal Style

One of the biggest reasons people fall off the content marketing bandwagon is because it feels so dang overwhelming. How do you have time to write, share, and create? What I’ve found in my years of doing this isn’t that the creative part is hard – it’s coming up with a plan that will move […]